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Trying to figure out how to grow your retail product?

You could use an insider to show you around.

I’m Angela

A proven consumer goods expert teaching how to confidently make and sell products to chain retail stores.

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Trying to figure out how to grow your retail product?

You could use an insider to show you around.

I’m Angela

I teach consumer product entrepreneurs how to develop their products for retail, prepare to enter the market, formulate the pitch, and plan for growth.

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Transform your product business with ideas and options from a Retail Insider™

Access powerful resources to accelerate growth, find the advantage, and inform your choices to make the most of your business potential.

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Next-level help you’ve been looking for

Access powerful resources to accelerate growth, find the advantage, and inform your choices to make the most of your business potential.

Hundreds of products in dozens of countries

I can show you strategies to develop and sell food and other consumer product goods.

Major retail distribution

how to sell to Walmart or Target and some ways to reach other retailers to give you choices about what’s best for your business.

Thousands of store locations

Sharing product experience in many segments advises you on being flexible if you want to grow with other merchants.

Sales and marketing strategy

Consumer goods are nice-to-haves, but I’ve supported teams selling $600k industrial equipment and literal air (radio airtime).

Quality Assurance

get everyone on the same page about expectations, safety, and ethics, so your suppliers know your brand is reliable.

Dozens of suppliers

How to start working with a factory and ask for what you need.
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Need to explore your options?

What do you know about selling products to retail store buyers?
Would you be open-minded to learning more about how to prepare your product for growth?
How would you feel if you saw your product on store shelves?
Imagine what your family’s reaction would be?
Or, how about your boss? (“Ex”-boss?)

You’d have control over your time.
Walk the dog when you want, have lunch with your partner.
You decide how you earn your money and what warrants your attention.
You decide what to develop, how you do it, and who you do it with.
Would that be life-changing for you?

I teach consumer product entrepreneurs to find opportunities, avoid pitfalls, develop new business and scale up their businesses for growth.

You’ll learn the insider lingo and tricks of the trade, making them more confident in their business!

Retail Insider™: 5 Steps from Intimidated to Motivated

  • A five-module online starter course for founders and entrepreneurs to optimize their business to position for growth.
  • Resources and tools will support your growth and help you on your journey
  • Learn about powerful resources to help you grow your business
  • Learn terminology so you can be confident that you understand the terms used by your suppliers, graphic arts people, logistics, and more.

The waitlist is growing for the discounted limited-time Founding Members group, after which it will be offered at full price later in the year.

The way I see it, you have three options:

  • Keep going as you are, trying to figure it out as you go
  • Forge ahead anyway, perhaps wasting time, money, and risk burning bridges with important opportunities
  • Get first access to the online course as a Founding Member

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I’ve been a “secret weapon” for years, contributing to millions of dollars in merchandise through your favorite retailers. But the secret is out since you’re reading this!

As a business strategy and marketing professional, I’ve been working with consumer goods since 2003, crafting brands, products, development, manufacturing, and logistics, seeing them fully realized in retail and reordering. I’ve worked with big box, chain drug stores, value stores, grocery, department, discount, hardware, and more.
I’m distilling my experience to create tools to educate and empower diverse entrepreneurs with go-to-market strategies. Avoid wasting time, money, and energy or risk burning bridges with buyers. Arrive prepared.
Every part of your journey has brought you to this moment. Your most important step is the next one.

Supporting Supplier Diversity

During the pandemic, retail industry Diversity Week Programs were getting record-setting buyer attendance, with 640 buyers attending to hear pitches. Women, BIPOC entrepreneurs, LGBTQIA+ founders, veterans, and disabled innovators were meeting with buyers.

Is this common knowledge? Probably not; it’s an industry event, so how could so many of these entrepreneurs find out about these opportunities? If they did hear, were they ready for a Yes? How could they get prepared to take advantage of opportunities? Did I have any way to help?

Retailers have started supplier diversity initiatives, some of which are low-cost or no-cost, including Amazon, Kroger, Sephora, Ulta Beauty, a Target startup accelerator, and Ahold Delhaize grocery. There are good resources to explore in those programs and some startup cohorts.

Diversity in organizations makes stronger organizations. Companies benefit from diversity programs beyond doing the right thing for their own sake. It benefits employee relations, customer satisfaction, public relations, and stakeholder

Responding to social change through corporate responsibility can help reduce operating expenses, debt, risk, staff turnover, and waste while simultaneously increasing the public perception, market value, and even price premium.

For them, it’s a solid investment. For new suppliers, it’s an opportunity.

The Retail Insider™ course will help founders and entrepreneurs prepare to meet these and other opportunities.

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You are free to choose your next steps, but I'd love to include you on the invitation list for the Founding Members course launch.

Successful product entrepreneurs that I've worked with desire at least two of three things:




You’ve grown your idea and have a vision about how you can impact the world with your product, so it means a lot to be well-informed about the decisions you’re making. You want to know the options and for your plan.

If only you could tap into the experience of a Retail Insider™…

Well, soon, you can!

Founding Members will have access to tools, resources, and answers to questions they hadn’t even thought to ask yet. Preventing even one expensive misstep would be worth the peace of mind. 

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